Tuesday, 27 September 2011

In The Beginning

First post on a new site! Quite exciting... I guess! This is my place to post pretty much anything... My photography, photography I like and things I like but most likely can't have! Lets start with my dream camera for example.... The Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Dreams are free!

So, more about myself? I'm 19, almost 20 and in a committed realtionship with my amazing boyfriend of 4 years (who is currently away studying which is why I have time for photography!). I am training to be a registered nurse but I also work as a part-time Junior GIS operator and I coach rhythmic gymnastics!

I have just started to seriously get into photography and only know the basics. I mostly take photos of landscapes and would love to get into portrature more... And am chasing my friends around with a camera nonstop lately! (Not sure if they enjoy that or not but I get some alright photos out of it!)

Anyway, thats a little introduction to my life... the next few posts will be a couple examples of my photography and what I am passionate about! :) 

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